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This rich, non-greasy, golden oil is a luxurious and essential addition to your prenatal skincare routine. Designed with the needs of expectant mothers in mind, this belly oil floods your skin with deep moisture and comfort while lending strength to prevent stretch marks and reduce itching skin. Treat yourself, and your bump, to a little extra glow every day. Shine bright, Mama!

What it is

The quick absorbing lineup of champion oils including jojoba, pequi, marula, avocado, and camellia seed oil makes this the perfect addition to your routine for the ultimate “golden hour” effect.

Bottled botanical extracts and antioxidants calm the skin, improve elasticity and tone, and strengthen the skin barrier while also serving as a team of brightening boosters.

Centella asiatica protects against the development of new stretch marks, aloe extract relieves the itch of a growing belly, and black and green tea provide a firming energy rush to the skin.

Key Ingredients

Centella Asiatica, Pequi Oil, Camellia Oil, Black Tea, Calendula, Aloe


- Moisturizing
- Skin firming
- Improves elasticity
- Skin soothing
- Reduces itching
- Prevents stretch marks

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Purposely Made

The ingredients used in the products are safe, non-toxic, and beneficial for the skin, while also being environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and sourced sustainably.


Backed by science

We partner with specialists who have rigorously tested our products to evaluate the effectiveness of our products in enhancing skin health, based on scientific research and clinical trials.Ultimately, this means that you can trust our skincare products to deliver real results for your skin.

  • Empowering Mamas & Mamas To Be

  • Trust the Glow in Every Bottle

  • Pregnancy Friendly Skincare


Feeling uncertain about certain ingredients?

We've got you covered with our Ingredient Checker tool. Quickly and easily compare your list of concerns with what's in our products.

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  • Step one

    Support and nourish your growing belly morning and night.

  • Step two

    Massage a generous amount into the skin of your belly.

  • Step three

    Feel free to bathe other areas of your body in this golden glow.


I’m obsessed with this belly-loving oil, but can I use it elsewhere?

Absolutely! The rest of your beautiful body is craving to be drenched in the golden glow. This oil is also safe for the face and non-comedogenic!

Is this product safe for sensitive skin?

YES! Our formulations were artfully and scientifically created to be effective, but gentle on all skin types and skin colors. The ingredients and active compounds commonly found in “medical grade skincare” such as AHAs and antioxidants were carefully selected at appropriate percentages and rigorously tested.

Is this product formulated with any added fragrance?

No. Our products were intentionally created without added fragrance to be tolerated by even the most sensitive noses.

Is this product “Dermatology tested?”

Yes! The reputation of ADDITION SKIN is one of trust and we strive to harness the collective knowledge and experience of our medical partners to better serve you.

How can I transition this product post-pregnancy?

Congratulations, you’ve found a product line you love! No need to change anything post-pregnancy. Always consult with your OB-Gyn, but if interested in adding back ingredients generally avoided during pregnancy (retinol, hydroquinone, etc.) you can safely add these into your already stellar routine.


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